21 ene 2011

Mana Maori exhibition

Exhibition: Mana Maori
Until 1 May 2011
Place: Museum Volkenkunde, Steenstraat 1, Leiden, The Nederlands
Admission: € 7.50
Webpage: www.rmv.nl
About the exhibition:
For the forthcoming period, the National Museum of Ethnology revolves around the Maori. We are focussing on the first inhabitants of New Zealand through a series of activities for the next half year.
The Waka
A Waka for the Netherlands. For the first time in history, the Maori built a Waka (a Maori canoe) which will stay in Leiden and can also be used by non-Maori. With the building of the Waka, the National Museum of Ethnology intensified the age-old relationship between the Netherlands and New Zealand. The Dutch Waka taua was named ‘Te Hono ki Aotearoa’, or ‘Connected with New Zealand’ on 26 June. The 14-meter-long canoe is made from a single kauri tree, which is around 700 years old. The Waka has been officially handed over to the National Museum of Ethnology in October 2010.
Mana Maori – exhibition
New Zealand, a diverse and rugged country. Still undiscovered when the Maori first arrived on its shores. Explore the exhibition ‘Mana Maori’ and discover the Maori, their country, world view, social networks and their art and family treasures.
The exhibition is suitable for the whole family. In addition to beautiful objects, educational installations and film material specially made for the exhibition, children from the age of 6 years can follow the kiwi on a trail through the exhibition.
Workshops and other activities
Until 1st May 2011 the National Museum of Ethnology offers an abundance of Maori activities, trails for children, performances and regular workshops and demonstrations. Contact the museum for more information or have a look at the (Dutch language) calendar.

© Text and image: Museum Volkenkunde

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