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Dialogue des Mondes

Name: Dialogue des Mondes: Victor Brauner et les Arts Primitifs
Date and opening times: 21 October to 4 December 2010
Place: Galerie Samy Kinge (54, rue de Verneuil) and Galerie Schoffel Valluet (14, rue Guénégaud), Paris (France)
Contact: christine.valluet@wanadoo.fr, Tel: +33 1 43 26 83 38
Gallery Schoffel-Valluet and Gallery Samy Kinge are joining forces to present Dialogue des mondes : Victor Brauner et les arts primitifs (Dialogue of Worlds: Victor Brauner and Primitive Art), a double exhibition presenting twenty works on paper by Romanian avant-garde painter Victor Brauner and some thirty tribal objects from Africa, Oceania, and North America. Dialogue des mondes explores the ways in which tribal art opened the minds of the artists of Brauner's time to a "new territory of dream," and that the attraction of Brauner for these "primitive" art forms held as much, if not more, fascination for their magical powers as for their aesthetic qualities. 

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