20 abr 2010

Early Man and the Ocean

Conference: Early Man and the Ocean
Date: 23 to 26 September 2010
Place: The Kon-Tiki Museum and The Norwegian Maritime Museum (Oslo, Norway)
Price: Free for conferences (just notice on e-mail). For the film festival, the standard museum admittances apply.
Website: www.kon-tiki.no
Contact name: Reidar Solsvik (Reidar.Solsvik@kon-tiki.no)

Early Man and the Ocean 2010: Social Significance of Ocean Voyages is a combined conference and film festival.
The conference topic is maritime experimental archaeology and maritime history dedicated to how (pre)historical or experimental voyages influenced the society they were a part of or the society with which they came in contact.
The conference consists of three sessions on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 of September:
1) Significance of the maritime experiment – social and technological
2) Significance of Ocean Voyages 1 – Oceans Connect
3) Significance of Ocean Voyages 2 – The Sea as a Social Space.
Key note speaker: Professor Ben Finney, University of Hawai'i, "The significance of experimental voyages as a source of scientific knowledge."
The film festival 23-26 of September will screen over 20 films related to maritime experimental archaeology and first European contact with peoples in polar regions:
-BUILDING PHARAOH'S SHIP - Can the legendary trading vessel of an Egyptian queen sail again? WGBH/Nova
-THE SEA STALLION'S VOYAGE - A trial voyage in film and music. Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde
-CILICIA - K. Balayan
-VIRACOCHA I & II - Eyes Open Production
-THE ABORA SAGA - D. Görlitz
-KABANG 2010 - Sea nomads from the Mergui archipelago sail the southwest coast of Norway. Ten Thousand Images
-THE LOG BOAT FROM GLOMMA RIVER - Norwegian Maritime Museum

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